Open iTerm Tab from Finder by Shortcut

To open the currently selected Finder folder in a new iTerm tab: Create a new service in Automator. Select “Service receives no input” in “Finder”. Add the Action “Get Selected Finder Items” from the available Actions in the library on the left.

SenSys/BuildSys 2015

I attended SenSys and BuildSys in Seoul, South Korea from 1-5 November to do a demonstration on our progress with Babel. Our short paper can be found here.

Website Deployment with Git and Hugo

Deploying a website with Git and Hugo (or any other static website generator for that matter) is easy. I use a combination of Git and server-side website generation for This has the advantage that all my files are under version control and when I am ready to deploy some changes on my website, the process is as simple as committing changes to my local repository and pushing them to my deploy target.

Getting started with Nordic nRF51822 Development on Mac OS X

The [nRF51822] ( -energy/nRF51822) by Nordic Semiconductor us a multiprotocol SoC with a 2.4Ghz transceiver that is ideal for any Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth Smart) application. The toolchain and documentation provided by Nordic is very much Windows centered.

Swift Journey Log

Using Preprocessor Macros: func println(object: Any) { #if DEBUG Swift.println(object) #endif } And just set “DEBUG” as a custom flag for the Swift compiler (Build Settings –> Swift Compiler –> Custom Flags)

Useful Git Commands

Just documenting some useful git commands that I use occasionally. This list is hopefully being extended over time :-) Basic commands List all branches: git branch -a Get remote url: